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Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra elatior)...Perfect for beginner plant parents!

Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra elatior)...Perfect for beginner plant parents!

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The Story of the Cast Iron Plant - The Aspidistra elatior plant. For beginner plant parents. Also called the Cast Iron plant and Beer plant. Originally from Japan, the Aspidistra made its way to Europe in the 1820’s. It got the name Cast Iron plant during the Industrial Revolution because it was such a tough plant that could withstand neglect on the factory floor. Aspidistra’s were also found in bank lobbies, boarding houses & barrooms. Bartenders sometimes poured what was left in customers beer glasses into the plants , thus the nickname Beer Plant. The novelist George Orwell even wrote a book highlighting the Aspidistra in 1936 called “Keep the Aspidistra flying.” Child and pet-friendly.

Size - Medium-size plant. 12-24" tall (including pot). 

Light - Low indirect light. 

Water - Allow the top half of soil to dry out before watering. The lower the light, the less the Cast Iron Plant will need watering. Water every 2-3 weeks. 

Preferred Rooms - Bedroom, entrance, living or family room.

What comes with your plant  Includes its own 6" Recycled container and care instructions. Discard the coco fiber & straw used to hold the soil in place.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Within the first 30 days, if you are not completely satisfied, we will replace your plant at our cost.

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